Here are some links that we have found helpful in researching adoption.

General Information Sites
  • Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute - Super great site with all facets of adoption-related info. Their aim is education, support and preparation for adoptive families and adoptees.
  • A4everfamily - Great resource for post-adoption issues and support.
  • Creating a Family -  A good education source on pre- and post-adoptive issues. They have good radio shows on a variety of topics and weekly newsletters. The author of this site also offers one-on-one consulting.
  • Adoption Learning Partners - Overall resource center for adoptive parents, informational webinars, on-line parent training programs and post-adoption support.
  • Korean Focus - A group that offers support to families interested in Korean culture. Members are adoptive families and Korean Americans.

Adoption Medicine 

Financing adoption
  • Affording Adoption - This website has a really huge list of grants, loans, fundraising, travel and other benefits. 
  • The Abba Fund - Interest-free loans for those involved with churches. 
  • Show Hope -  Online application for adoption grants for Christians.
  • Promise The Children - Grants provided regardless of marital status, race or religion, but must use an approved agency. 
  • A Child Waits Foundation - Grants for international adoptions of older or special needs children, and low-interest loans available for those who have exhausted all other funding possibilities.

      Adoption Websites
      • Adopt Korea Yahoo Group - This is an awesome way to connect with other adoptive families learn more about the process.
      • Forever Parents - Adoption support at the forever parents site. Great forums!
      • The Stirrup Queen's List of Blogs - A fantastic compilation of blogs for everyone on the continuum--whether they are having infertility issues, chosen not to have children at all, or adopting domestically or internationally. Great support for all!