About Us

 We met while attending high school in a tiny eastern Washington town. I had just moved to town, and nervously walked into my first-period English class during my freshman year. And there he was! A funny, sweet, super smart, friendly, and hot guy! We became friends and stayed that way throughout high school. We even went on a date once.

After high school we did not stay in touch. We bumped into one another at a friend's wedding three years later. In 1992,  1 1/2 years after our friend's wedding, we had our own.

Since that time, we've traipsed around the country & parts of the world together. I'm a photojournalist and a complete nut about architecture and all things mid-century.  Scott is a veterinarian and has the same addiction to modernist styles. We came to Milwaukee, WI in 2005 after a long line of moves (Madison, WI, Appleton, WI, Irvine, CA, Lake Forest, CA, Belfair, WA and Prosser, WA)

We have a super great dog, Argus (his fans call him Gus), and two sweet kitties, Pogo and Etta Mae. We love working on our home, mountain biking, road tripping with Argus, and searching for mid-century treasures at estate and rummage sales.

We have a great time exploring the world together, and are now beginning our biggest adventure--becoming parents.

We hope you join on our venture and follow us through our blog.